Amidst Tunisia’s major economic challenges, local startups and new technologies have emerged as a new source of hope for the country.

With great potential to jumpstart Tunisia’s economy, entrepreneurship has emerged as a new and exciting way to address market needs, reinvent industries and create much-needed jobs. But more than just that, entrepreneurship is rapidly changing the ways that Tunisians think about doing business and rebranding Tunisia in the international marketplace.

In just a few years, the Tunisian entrepreneurship scene has transformed from an ambitious idea to a tangible reality. This year, Forbes listed Tunis in the top ten cities to start a business, while TechCrunch highlighted Tunisia as MENA’s next startup hub. As indicated by growing international media attention, and the increasing number and quality of entrepreneurship structures, something big is happening in Tunisia.

But today, Tunisia is still waiting for its first major breakout startup: the big idea or innovation that will really put the entire Tunisian entrepreneurship ecosystem on the global map. While the talent and the drive is here, progress on this front is hampered by a number of roadblocks, and more attention and action is needed if we are to harness the full potential of this thriving movement.

We present ourselves today as a diverse group of Tunisian founders who recognize the potential of developing the startup ecosystem in Tunisia. United by the shared belief that entrepreneurship, if cultivated consciously, can be an engine of transformation for the country, we have gathered together to help the startup community in Tunisia grow, thrive, and reach heights previously unimagined in Tunisia.

In this capacity, we intend to work closely with government and organizations to:

  • Develop initiatives that can grow the Tunisian startup ecosystem and give it the visibility it deserves, and;
  • Connect the Tunisian startup ecosystem to other entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world

Through this activities, we want to include and elevate the voices of Tunisian startups as much as possible. We welcome interested startups to participate in an open consultation, which will be open until August 30, 2016 by filling out this form here. The results of these consultations will be shared during an upcoming general session on September 8, 2016, at which this group will also present its plan and a roadmap for 2017.

By supporting this manifesto movement, we can demonstrate that startups are an important engine for growth in Tunisia, and that they deserve the attention of political and economic stakeholders. We believe, that in working together in a spirit of open collaboration and good faith, we can transform policies and mentalities and build a better ecosystem for all of Tunisia.

Startup Agenda

we represent Startups in political and economic debates and propose alternatives and solutions for a stronger contribution of Startups to the Tunisian economy.

Startup & innovation culture

we promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Network and Exchange

We connect the Tunisian Startup ecosystem and build bridges with startup ecosystems all over the world. We collaborate with all relevant stakeholders: associations, government institutions, corporates and others.


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As a representative and voice of startups in Tunisia we are committed to establishing a founder-friendly environment. We open the conversation with relevant stakeholders in the Tunisian economy and politics and develop proposals that encourage a culture of entrepreneurship and reduce the barriers to starting a business and taking it to the next level. We promote innovative entrepreneurship and want to establish an entrepreneurship culture. We will work on connecting the startup ecosystem including startups, investors, support structures, etc and connecting the Tunisian Startup ecosystem with other ecosystems all over the world.

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